Blue Maritime King, Earl G0A34045

Sailing is the use of windsurfing driven by the wind vessels, which is living in the Haihe River area of ​​the ancient people of the development of transport, the ancient sailboat development peak in the early 15th century, China's famous three treasures eunuch Zheng He had led a huge Of the fleet 7 times to the sea, visited the Asia and Africa more than 30 countries, the fleet of the vessels used are sailing. The modern sailboat began in the Netherlands in 1660, the first yacht race between Britain and the Netherlands in 1662, and more and more sailing regimes were carried out around the world after 1720. Now the value of sailing in practical applications has long been replaced by a variety of power ships, but the sailing competition is replica watches still retained, and there are a lot of people fascinated by sailing. Now it is not just a means of transport, it is the ancient people to challenge the natural use of natural wisdom of the crystallization, and still with its excellent charm to bring a lot of healthy and healthy body. In order to remember the importance of sailing in the history of human development, the famous watch brand Piaget launched a sailing theme of platinum enamel painted relative tourbillon watch, so that the sailboat on our wrist once again brought us touching the shock. This Piaget G0A34045 watch is a men's manual mechanical watch, its case shape is round, watch diameter of 45 mm, shiny case with platinum material to create, from the dial to the bezel also inlaid with a large number of Of the big enamel enamel, so that the watch showed a magnificent color, and watch itself has become a treasure of time. In addition to the precious metal features do not say, big fire enamel is called a color and temperature art, it needs to be coated with the same enamel on the multi-layer color, and then roasted to strengthen the fire, the technology and technology has a high Of the requirements, and because the firing of the enamel gloss is very good, even a little bit of flaws are very obvious, so the great success rate of enamel is very low, it has a very high value. Watch the design of the watch industry is a color, blue enamel enamel surface is a compass, the clock is like a compass, like the rotation of the compass to indicate the time, in the compass around the multi-channel platinum relief decoration, as The middle of the blue sun emitting the lofty light. This watch also uses the count's floating tourbillon technology, the tourbillon frame placed in the end of the minute hand, it also in the rotation at the same time with the time on the dial, it looks elegant and mysterious feeling Out of the replica watches uk count of bold and avant-garde spirit of innovation at the same time, but also to the appreciation of the visual impact and spiritual shock. Watch in addition to the excellent design on the dial, the back of the watch and the case are white to show us a lot of beautiful picture, in the back of the watch is a floating on the sea alone sailing, and the ship behind The sea level is just the sun emitting a shining light. On both sides of the case, the masters, respectively, for us to sketch out the sailing team sail and landing when the boat when the spectacular, in the thousands of sails competing screen seems to contain endless vitality. Finally, the count's designer door with it with a blue crocodile leather strap, and watch the main style of harmony together, constitute this exquisite time art. Earl G0A34045 watch movement is equipped with 608P manual winding mechanical movement, which is a self-produced by the count movement, the movement consists of 163 parts, and it inherited the count to create ultra-thin movement of the Traditionally, the diameter is 25.6 mm and its thickness is only 3.28 mm. The bold avant-garde floating tourbillon is realized by the movement, the tourbillon frame to light and strong titanium material to build, was placed in the end of the minute hand, suspended in the infrastructure above, every minute Tourbillon will be around The axis of rotation in a circle, every hour will turn along the dial a circle, the design is amazing, so exquisite Tourbillon composed of 42 parts, while the weight is only 0.2 grams. This movement is also inlaid with 27 gemstones, 21,600 times per hour to maintain the oscillation frequency at the same time can also provide 70 hours of power reserve capacity, the average watch for this result is also very good, and 608P movement but also for the Tourbillon to provide power, its excellent performance can be imagined. This Piaget G0A34045 watch the appearance of such a fine, it is also the movement of the quality of the grinding process, in its main plywood and chamfering watch bridge has a hand polished rounded decoration, the movement is also engraved with the count Jiahui and ring Geneva wavy decorative embellishment, from the appearance to the movement can be described as beautiful. Earl G0A34045 watch with its excellent appearance fully demonstrated it has a profound commemorative significance, platinum and large fire enamel material, then with rolex replica its grade status match, only such a noble material, in order to this excellent wrist The design of the watch is reflected in the gods. Designers to platinum in the watch on the outline of a beautiful pattern is very good against the theme of the watch, while giving us a very beautiful visual enjoyment. Although this watch does not have too many special features designed, but a floating Tourbillon can let all love watch for whom crazy, Tourbillon called "King of the watch", and floating tourbillon can be called "million King of the king "the. Earl self-produced 608P hand movement is also a set of excellent performance and excellent polished in the body, add a lot of color for the watch. Unfortunately, such a beautiful watch, the world is limited to three, the quality of the watch itself is very good, coupled with rare things, it's the price reached 5055300 yuan, this price is certainly a lot of people Unmatched, even so just to be able to put it in the hands of the play is also a very extravagant enjoyment.